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Embrace the daring, thought-provoking and slightly unconventional aspects of your personality to create a brand that truly sparkles.

Branding Design

Unleash the artistic spirits of your brand with our designer, who will weave their creative magic to craft captivating visual stories for your business.

Brand Audits

Unleash your brand’s hidden potential with a revealing brand audit. Rise above the competition and become unforgettable.


From stationary to packaging, we bring your visions to life, ensuring every detail is a sensory masterpiece.

A little bit about me

Welcome, I’m Shazelle, and yes I do have to spell it on the phone ALL the time, but I’m tipping that’s not the reason you’re here right now.
I have been a graphic designer for over 13 years now, and let me tell you a little secret… (I didn’t know I wanted to be a designer when I grew up) It was something that I kinda fell into and have loved it since that first day.
Graphic design IS as amazing as it sounds, no day is the same, you get to work with really awesome people, and the best thing for me is being able to help someone bring their business dream to life! It’s not just about designing kickin’ logos, its about building a brand with my client, and seeing what their business can do at it’s full potential.


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Area Of Expertise!

Sometimes you need a refresh

Let’s say you’ve been in business for a over 10 years and you want to freshen up your existing branding to target a new market.

I have some questions I need answering

No stress, check out our FAQ page for answers. Chances are we’ve had those questions before!

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