About Me

Hey there, I’m Shazelle

I am a graphic designer and the owner of SCS Graphic Designs with over 13 years of industry experience to date.
I started working as a freelance designer while still studying a Diploma of Graphic Design. Now back when I started it was REALLY hard to find a graphic design job anywhere (you needed 5 years experience as a minimum!) even once qualified, in fact the only job I could get that was remotely close to a graphic design job was as a Marketing Coordinator.
Don’t get me wrong it was great to gain marketing experience but it was also kinda “soul sucking” without the creative element of a designer. I definitely needed more variety.

Not long after I graduated, the world of business decided that having a marketing department was not important and was costing too much so many people, including myself found ourselves without a job. That was when I started taking my side hustle a little more seriously, but in all honesty, apart from sustaining itself, I wasn’t going anywhere fast.

Seven years ago, life changed a bit (dramatically actually) I was working full time as a graphic designer (yay finally) for a local studio when I had a baby. Life was great, until it wasn’t, the studio closed its doors six months after I came back from Maternity leave. That was when I finally scraped up enough courage to do this properly.
I rebranded my own business to what you see today and now my clients include some amazing companies, new and existing, local councils and even print houses in Melbourne. I’ve collaborated with the likes of Bendigo Bank on several projects, large communication companies assisting with their Brand Continuation and because I am a big softy, I donate my time once a quarter to put together a community newsletter.

So you could say I have slowly built up my business from a humble side hustle to where it is today. “I’m not gunna lie, I haven’t conquered the world yet…but there’s still time 😉…”

The saying “love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life” is absolutely the truth! Some days I have to sit back and reflect that what I do is actually work. My favourite aspect of my work is watching my clients achieve their ultimate vision with something that I’ve created. The job satisfaction is absolutely next level.