Bendigo Bank Women’s Business Event

We had the privilege to help Heyfield Community Branch of Bendigo Bank to help launch a Women’s Business Event. The event focussed on women in business and how they overcame adversity and challenges in their respective fields. Our time was donated designing the Women’s Business Logo as well as the promotional flyer that went to all of the business owners in the local area. The team at the Heyfield Branch were absolutely wonderful to work alongside and the event was a fantastic success. Hopefully with any luck, this event will be able to continue once again after Covid-19 has subsided.

Event Poster Design

A slightly more feminine design aimed specifically for Women in Business

Logo and Collateral Design

The logo we went with was more feminine for the target market.

Media Design

It was great to be see our work in real life. Pictured above Shazelle (SCS Graphic Designs) with featured guest Jarrod Woodgate