So… You’re a Graphic Designer…

Ahh this seems like an age old question nowadays. But what exactly is a graphic designer? And more importantly why should I hire one? As with plants, graphic designers come in many variations, some specialise in illustrations, some in visual branding (like our team) and others in fashion just to name a few. I can guarantee that everything you see has had a designer involved at some stage. Don’t believe me? Just have a look around your home or office. That cute pen of yours with the funny cat faces, well some smart graphic designer created that. Oh an your calendar, mouse pad…(do you still own one of those? good me too! 🤫) ALL the labels and packaging on your food, that cute graphics tee you found the other day, yup you guessed it, practically every product you use on a daily basis has seen the touch of a designer.

So with all of these products needing a special touch so that you can buy them you can only imagine how many graphic designers there are in the great wide world. Millions would be the answer.

Here’s a mic drop for you. Not all designers are created equal AND we certainly aren’t a one size fits all. 🤯 I’ll let that marinate for a moment…

Just like you, we as designers, are unique (crazy I know) but it’s the truth, and because we are all different we won’t always gel well with all the clients we come across. Just like you don’t gel with everyone you come into contact with. And just like you, some of us have years and years of experience, while others are freshly graduated. For some of us visual design comes easier than others, and others may have more of a flair for intricate small details. This is why entrusting your brand to a graphic designer has to feel right. Each designer has their own style, and it wouldn’t be fair for you to expect a designer to change their style just to suit yours, for example, asking a minimalist designer to design something maximalist. It is also important that they are aligned with your vision, and it also really helps if they have to share similar views to you, if they don’t then someone might feel jaded by the experience when the project is finished.

Now that you’ve got a little more insight, why should you hire a graphic designer for your brand? (And this question is probably more important now with the rise of AI) It’s simple, you get an awesome person that will devote their time and expertise to create a logo, signage, branding, whatever your design needs may be. It’s all in the experience, AI is great (but it ain’t human) you can’t get that human connection, the intuition of years of experience and knowledge and intimate understanding of your business needs. And AI has a greater potential to create something that infringes another business’ copyright. Yikes! (You can keep that can of worms!)
Personally I love working with my clients, I love seeing their business flourish and I’m exceptionally proud in the knowledge that I could help them achieve their business dreams. It feeds the soul.